Brass Tacks is a full-spectrum culture engineering firm that constructs, polishes and delivers creative business endeavors into cumulative consciousness. With perfectly honed aesthetic sensibility, Brass Tacks’ business approach is comprehensive and action-oriented.

Establish Framework Core elements of brand-building, executed with precision and style.

Add Shine to Substance Extraordinary experiences and unique visual identity.

Proliferate and Perform Incisive partnerships and art-infused marketing initiatives.


Establish Framework

Brand ideation + Execution

Progressive Public Relations + Marketing

Website Design + Social Media Strategy

Add Shine to Substance

Event Planning + Production

Photography + Cinematography

Art Direction + Graphic Design

Image + Lifestyle Consultancy

Innovative Interior Design + Architecture

Proliferate and Perform

Curation + Exhibition Design

Artist Collaborations + Corporate Partnerships

Visionary Brand Activations + Multi-sensory Retail Experiences


Culture Engineers

Brass Tacks is administered by a system of culture engineers that construct, polish and deliver creative business endeavors into cumulative consciousness.

To contact a culture engineer, please email: info@brasstacksculture.com.


Our Address

323 Franklin Ave.
2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11238
P 212-268-1522

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